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My Interview section

My Interview section

Question : Good evening Miss Blessing, How are you doing today?

Answer : Evening Chris Am doing great

Question : What is the main goal of your foundation?

Answer : To ensure every child has a bright future and chance to make it in life.
The main aim is to create awareness on the challenges facing children, particularly those who are underprivileged, through the save the child, campaign.

Question : What were some of the difficult situations you encounter when you decided to start the foundation?

Answer : Well, first financial issues and some side talks from people saying that NGO is for people that have money.

Question: What are some of the bottlenecks you have faced and are stilling facing?

Answer : What comes to Africa mind set is who sponsor your foundation and how can you get international sponsors . What I’m facing now is sponsorships but with the little help from donors, friends and families we are still moving on step by step. All I did was to ignore every side talk so that I can grow and reach out to the less privileged children in various communities.

Question: What are some of the projects you are working on now?

Answer: Answer:presently am working on sponsor a child back to school,Charity meal with the orphans and healthcare awareness ( Disabled children to provide wheelchairs and malaria aids)

Question: What are some of the projects you have worked on?

Answer: I have worked on save the child awareness campaign,Health talk in collaboration with Mutiat .S for elder people in Bwari ( Blood sugar and blood pressure) and Sponsor a child back to school

Question: What advice will you give someone who wants to start a foundation in Nigerian

Answer: My advice is stay focus never allow anyone to pull you down always remember your dreams and purpose in life.

Question: What is your major dream for the foundation.

Answer : My major dream to see that every child has access to Education and also ensure that underprivileged children receive total love, care and support to nurture them to develop responsible and a dignified character for their future.

Question: What will you do differently if you were starting the foundation today.

Answer: Nothing really cause what I have lay out is what I will still do if I was to start today. Which are community outreach, Educational program, Healthcare program.

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