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All About Blessing Ototobor By Toby Umaru

All About Blessing Ototobor By Toby Umaru

Miss Blessing Ototobor was born on New Year’s day and ever since then she achieved a lot in her career as the founder and owner of the “OMONEMINI CHILDCARE FOUNDATION”. And also a valuable gem in her family and all her surroundings including her colleagues who volunteered to help her to build and support the “OMONEMINI CHILDCARE FOUNDATION”.

Blessing Ototobor is not only focused on her school work but she is also focused on her foundation and self-driven, we thank God for that. She is also top on the chart when it comes to caring for all the homeless and unloved children on the streets and does that she can make a better living for them. And so, she made and created the OMONEMINI CHILDCARE FOUNDATION. To know more about the foundation go to (

Miss Blessing Ototobor is also loving and caring when it comes to family especially developing a valuable relationship with the Umaru’s family as she continue to show love and care for the children teaching us self-discipline and safety tips.

In conclusion, i’m so happy to have around us and we are so grateful for Miss Blessing’s contributions to all of us and how you have proven ourselves as an all-rounder.


7th September 2016

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