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Why I Love Children

Why I Love Children


There is nothing more rewarding then working with children. I love children; I can’t imagine life without them. For me, planning the future without children in the picture is like planning to farm without seeds or the vegetative part required for reproduction. Children are the light that brightens the world. A little smile from them can literally lighten the day. My greatest joy in life is to see children happy at all times.


Growing up, I realized that loving children is the most natural thing that comes to me. At the beginning of my quest, It brought me great sadness that some children with and without parents are out on the street without shelter, clothing and even worst food. The fact that the numbers keep on growing by the day made me really sad. However, my greatest joy in life is knowing that I am trying to make a difference by putting a lot of smiles on the faces of the children that I have encountered. This makes me go to sleep every night with a smile on my face, knowing that I am making a difference in this world.


I have been taking care of children for almost 10 years, and it still fascinates me to watch them learn and teach themselves new things every day. I really love watching a child progress and I feel honored to be a part of their growth. I love knowing that I can make an impact on a child’s life and be someone they will remember in adulthood. Children have such big and bright imaginations, so I have no choice but to feed off their positive energy. I enjoy working with children and watching them grow intellectually and socially. Seeing a child smile and knowing that you contributed to it is definitely most rewarding for me.

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