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Early Child Marriage In Africa

Early Child Marriage In Africa

Child marriage in Nigeria is one of the most painful and disturbing problems in the country. Usually, it is done in the poor regions, where people force their young children, especially daughters, to get married, quite often to a total stranger. So, what are the reasons for early marriage and its effect on Nigerian children? Read more.

First, if you ask a question if it is legal to force children into marriage, it is actually not legal according to the Child’s Rights Act of 2003, where it is pointed out that the age of consent for a child is 18 years old. Some countries can allow marriages at 16 years old as an exception. However, it does not stop people from arranging marriages for their own children. In Nigeria, a lot of 10-12-year-old girls, whose reproductive system is not ready for intimate activities and childbirth yet, are forced by their parents into marriage. They are stopped from going to school and getting an education and are exploited for serving their husband and giving birth to children. Considering that they are still children themselves, it is unacceptable, as it kills their future and entire life, exposing them to adulthood so early. According to the official statistics, child marriage rate has been reduced by 9% since 2003, but it is still a problem. Mostly, child marriages are common in third-world countries, and to become a modern and developed country, Nigeria must get rid of this issue once and for all. Most of the young girls who are forced into marriage by their parents are completely banned by their parents from going to school. Some of them excelled in studies, so it is safe to say that Nigerian bright young people, who could potentially help develop the country, are shut off, and their potential is destroyed forever. Usually, there is a large age gap between a girl and her husband, which can subject her to domestic violence and psychological abuse. Not even mentioning the risks that the young girl can meet when she is forced to give birth, the diseases she and the newborn baby can suffer from, and even death of a mother or a child.

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