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Sponsor A Child Back To School

Sponsor A Child Back To School

Omonemini Childcare Foundation project sponsor a child back to school is an annual feature, for the less privileged children in various communities.

We aim to send children back to school well equipped and all set for learning and getting the education they deserve. In the past few years our annual collection has benefited the children in our foundation in Nigeria.

The project starts its collection programmme from June -August each year to collect school supplies and stationery which include things such as;


If you can donate any of these materials ,please use our contact form on our “Contact Us” page and list the items you have and we will arrange collection or you can delivery directly to us. A donation of $15 ( 5,000 Thousand Naira) is also collected for those who would like to make a monetary contribution instead. These school items are usually sent to different communities and schools that has been chosen for that school year.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and compassion.

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