OMONEMINI BOX - Omonemini Foundation
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Blessing Ototobor is the founder of Omonemini Childcare Foundation innovation Learning, a youth-led organization committed to restructure quality education and digital literacy for low-income community children through activity-based workshop, summit, advocacy and empowerment programmes.

Blessing’s passion for education and digital innovative has earned her a certificate with digital skill for Africa, she has the galvanizes support and provide scholarship for the vulnerable children out of school as a means ending extreme poverty. Advocacy and campaign are what is my passion for child education.

In recent times, she has engaged herself in mentorship, leadership and digital skills to touch lives positively. Written several blogs, new stories, press release and interviews towards education for all.

She has participated in several high-level consultations to dialogue with education stakeholders and leaders to priorities education for all.

She is also one of the global peace ambassadors of the UN Global Peace Chain on education social report to spread Peace message globally by producing Young, Passionate and emerging change makers. Child Education Advocacy campaign, calling on governments and education stakeholders to enforce the right to education in practice and national laws.

Blessing believes that education can contribute to a new vision of sustainable development growth. she spends most of her time bridging the education, digital literacy and skills gaps as a child education facilitator and advocate.

Blessing Ototobor’s Quotes

Education breeds confidence.

 Confidence breeds hope.

 Hope breeds peace.